Saturday, February 17, 2018

Synchronicity With A Stinkbug

It’s Sunday afternoon, the eve of the new year, 2018, and I’m at my computer mucking about. I glance down at the floor.  A stinkbug is reposing on top of a book called The Man Who Could Fly, the strange life of a man with a genius for bending reality out of shape.   

I bend over and peer at the hated creature, officially classified a pest.  Here in America only since 1998, they come from China.  But they’re amazingly clever at making a living, and the females are superb replicators.  As a result, this insect is thriving all over the USA.  No sign of them going back to China.   

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Evangelicals: Trump and "Antichrist"

Evangelicals in the USA are a key part of Donald Trump’s base—it’s hard to imagine a more unlikely conjunction.  What secret sympathy binds these strange bedfellows together?

The Book of Revelation is a favorite of right wing believers, in part because of the violent imagery that promises to wipe out all the bad guys.  The word love is nowhere to be found in this book.  If you go through the text in Greek, line by line (I have), you’ll find no words that refer to love or any of the reputed Christian virtues such as kindness, patience, or forgiveness.  That of course is consistent with Trump’s vindictive, loveless persona.

The word that does recur in this adored text is dynamis, or “power.” The Book of Revelation is not about love but power, which also says something about the affinity between Evangelicals and Donald Trump.  Evangelicals believe in the power of the Biblical deity to orchestrate the climax and final battle of human history.  In Donald Trump, Evangelicals have a man whose talk of using atomic weapons and obliterating whole nations suggests real apocalyptic potential.  Someone like Trump is necessary to proceed with the divine plan: according to which, we end not at the peace table but with Armageddon.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UFOs and Nukes

Above is the title of a film available on Netflix and of a book by the same person, Robert Hastings.  The film has momentous significance for life on earth, if what it reports is true.  The documentation, witnesses interviewed, and footage that appears are very difficult to dismiss.  The major point of the film, and of the book, is not just that UFOs, or close encounters with them, are real.

The claim is that UFOs from the beginning have been concerned with the creation, testing, and storage of nuclear weaponry. The most astonishing reports claim that on several occasions American nuclear technical operations have been disabled by UFOs.  Similar reports of UFOs interacting with Russian nuclear operations are presented.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Possible Visit From My Dead Brother

Over lunch with several colleagues, we talked about a phenomenon noted by Andreas Mavromatis in his book Hypnagogia, the twilight state between waking and sleeping. (We’ve all been there but usually very briefly.)  Most of the time a distinct intermediate zone does not register in our awareness, and we are, as they say, out like a light. But often enough, while still holding to a dim waking awareness, images of a phantasmal nature appear in the field of consciousness.  Still anchored in our waking state, we can observe our own hallucinations. 

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